A week in the life of a financial adviser

July 3, 2015

Recently, I (Paul) was asked to contribute to the FT Adviser’s ‘Week in the life of’ feature. I thought I’d share it here too in case any of our regular readers were interested. This is what my week held:


We are a small team but we ease ourselves into the week with a cuppa and a quick meeting. It is a chance to catch up on the weekend and plan for the week. There is just time for a quick barnet trim – the hairdresser comes to our office – then it is down to business.

Well, lunch, but a working lunch with a fund manager to give us the lowdown on the latest developments. Then it is back to the office, where I spend time prepping for the rest of the week.

A quick trip to the gym which just happens to have a steam room, then home.


My first client meeting of the week takes me to the beautiful Norfolk coast. He is soon to be taking retirement so I am helping him plan using our in-house cashflow tool to make sure he can grow old gracefully. Or disgracefully, should he so choose.

On the way back to the office I visit another client for a review. He chose to invest in our hand-picked GreenSky Portfolios so he is obviously happy with the service he has received so far, and I am pretty chuffed.

I spend the afternoon prepping for Wednesday and writing notes for our next blog article. There is a trip to the dreaded dentist on the way home today. I would have preferred yesterday’s steam room.


An early start today to get the train from Norwich to London. Anyone who lives on this line can understand that this is always a rather uncertain affair. Will the train be late again? Will it ever make it? Will there be any hot bacon rolls?

We did make it and headed off to meet with various London clients. We deal with a lot of FX Brokers in the City and Canary Wharf.

As the slightly sleep-deprived dad of a two lovely girls, aged two and five, I take advantage of the hotel stay to catch up on some sleep.


Today is another day in the Big Smoke catching up with clients. I also meet with our in-house portfolio managers to hear how things are shaping up.

There is the important business of lunch with some of the guys – a yarn or two may have been spun.

Despite the rather suspect public transport links, a trip to London is always worthwhile. We may be based in ‘sleepy’ Norfolk – which, I hasten to add, is not nearly as sleepy as non-natives might think – but we have lots of clients down there and face-to-face time is important.


I have a spot of golf first thing. I try to play once a week with colleagues and clients. It may be a cliché, but the golf course really is a great place to do business. Knowing what makes a client tick helps me do right by their money. Rain stops play at 11 holes.

Then there is a lunchtime meeting with a client to review his current portfolio. We discuss his plans to utilise carry forward to maximise his pension contribution allowances.

Back at the office, the cricket is on. We are all planning for next week, but there is also plenty of office banter. A typical Friday afternoon.

You can read the official article here http://www.ftadviser.com/2015/07/01/ifa-industry/your-business/haircut-steam-room-dentist-and-a-round-of-golf-ejek56Y3J4WcIk75Af25WK/article.html