Unbiased.co.uk Media Awards 2015

December 10, 2014

We’ve done it again!

What a great way to wrap up 2014! We’ve just found out that we’ve made it to the shortlist in several categories of the unbiased.co.uk Media Awards 2015:

Investment Adviser of the Year: Paul Holiday

Responsible Investment Adviser of the Year: Bob Wilson

Young Financial Adviser of the Year: Paul Holiday

These industry awards recognise the contribution advisers and journalists make to the regional, national and online news. We felt this was a good year for us to enter because we’ve been contributing to lots of articles and news pieces about the state of the industry. We’ve also been putting a lot of effort into this finance blog, trying to help our clients and the public more widely understand a bit more about how to make the most of their money.

The final judging takes place in January by a team of industry experts and journalists. Winners will be announced in February. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Here’s a bit more about why we think we’ve been shortlisted…

Investment Adviser of the Year

Paul says:

“We like to think we do things a bit differently at GreenSky Wealth. We don’t have sales targets and we’re dedicated to transparency, so we really have our client’s best interests at heart. This approach gives me the freedom to offer truly tailored advice to my clients, which is very liberating!

One of our priorities is the education of the general public. We want to equip them with the knowledge they need to understand their finances and make educated decisions on what to do with it…with our help, of course. Our blog helps us do that. Some of the posts might sound very basic to anyone ‘in the industry’ but starting from the beginning is important. My experience has shown me that a new client might have the best intentions for investing their money but might be ill-equipped to do so. I take the time to make sure I understand their objectives, and that they understand their options. Our blog and regular client newsletters support that approach.

As GreenSky Wealth grows, so too does our profile within the industry. I contribute wherever possible to industry discussion and I’m not afraid to be opinionated. I think it’s important to challenge long-held views if there is enough evidence to back up my arguments. Sometimes a bit of fresh-thinking can yield positive results.”

Responsible Investment Adviser of the Year

Bob says:

“At GreenSky Wealth, we made a very conscious decision to specialise in responsible investments. It’s something I’ve been personally interested in for several years and I’ve made every effort to become an expert in this field.

I think the most important thing when advising clients who are keen to invest in funds which align with their personal ethics is to really get to the bottom of what makes them tick. Not all ethical investments are created equal, so I’ve developed a pretty comprehensive questionnaire which we take all clients through at the outset of our relationship. This helps me understand exactly where their concerns lie. I can then make sure the solution I propose to them is tailored to their individual views, not just a broad-stroke ‘green’ solution.

Education is an important part of this process, both for clients on an individual basis, and for investors and the industry more generally. Our blog has a light-hearted approach, but weaves valuable information through accessible content. I’ve also been seeking out opportunities to contribute to industry discussion on responsible investments to try to broaden this education to the industry, not just consumers. I think it will become increasingly significant in years to come; there are huge opportunities for growth.”

Young Financial Adviser of the Year

Paul says:

“I think that being a relative ‘youngster’ in this industry has some major advantages. Things are changing apace, and I’m happy to adapt and be part of those changes. The recent economic climate has also meant that thinking about personal finance has become more important for people of all ages. Planning is key, and the younger we can encourage people to start planning for the future, the better off everyone will be. Relating to these younger audiences is something that we’re really focusing on at GreenSky Wealth.

We position ourselves as people first, financial advisers second. I think that really comes across in the way we communicate with our customers. Our approach, particularly through our blog, is down to earth, but we don’t trivialise what we’re trying to do. The advice is relevant to people of all ages. I’m just aiming to debunk myths, tackle common questions and educate consumers to think more about how they can get the most from their money.

I think fresh-thinking is what our industry needs and I’m happy to do my bit!”


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